We are hunters, designers, soldiers, engineers, technicians and we combine our skillsets to push the boundaries and create new ways to do things. Our team is the key to everything we do. We share the same passion for innovation, technology and good design and the firm belief that the things which are not done yet is a challenge we cannot decline.



We made a moving target that you can bring anywhere, it does not need a railway to run, a static rope will do.

Imagine the possibilities when you can just attach a rope between two trees and run the target immediately! And there are no wires, no need for grid power or heavy car batteries. All you need is your smartphone; and then tell the target what you want it to do.

Our moving target is a new way to think about shooting, to achieve mastery of the art.

Have fun!

There is no place in old age for "if only, I should or could have" to haunt me.' he writes. " I always wanted a clear conscience, the satisfaction of knowing that I had done my best at all times, never taken an easier, less productive route, and seldom taking a backwards step. The need to race, the search for and retention of perfect form, an addiction to that strange ethereal state where silence and perfection, the product of total concentration and immaculate execution, in itself was my reward.'

Four times world champion, Hugh Anderson MBE



BlinkTroll can be controlled using a smartphone, you can choose between several automated modes